Why we love the J.Crew store at the Museum of Fine Arts

J.C. Penney locations have long been among our favorite spots to shop for vintage clothes, but now the stores are getting a new, more sophisticated look.


Crew has teamed up with the Museum for a new line of J. Cole sneakers, complete with vintage-inspired embroidery, a leather strap, and the JCC tag joann fabrics locations.

Check out the official J.

Cole Instagram to see some of the shoes. 


Crew and the Museum have teamed up for a collection of vintage-themed sneakers, all featuring the JCPenney tag joanna fabric locations, and they will be available for $20 on September 14.

The brand also teamed up in June for the J Crew Vintage Collection, which includes a collection that features a full collection of classic JCPennials, including a collection by the late artist Jack Johnson and his son, Jack Johnson Jr. These shoes are all available at JCPensney.com.

JCPENNEY JCP Envy sneakers are available now.