When you’re in pain, you need to stop wearing a rubber band

Posted April 29, 2018 08:08:42 If you’re having a tough time breathing, or if you’re feeling tired and dehydrated, you might want to reconsider the use of a rubber ring to prevent it from restricting your airway.

A new study has found that wearing a band around the neck during exercise helps to reduce your risk of hypothermia.

The study involved a large group of older adults who participated in a trial of exercise and the band.

Researchers found that those who were wearing the band in addition to other activities helped reduce their risk of getting hypothermic, while those who wore it only in conjunction with activities did not reduce their risks of hypovolemia.

Dr Sarah Stirling, from the University of Western Australia, said the findings showed that wearing the rubber band in conjunction to exercise was an effective way to help reduce your risks of getting a heart attack or stroke.

“The ring can also be used to prevent the onset of hypoxemia during exercise or to help prevent the development of hypogonadism,” Dr Stirling said.

“It is also effective for preventing the onset and progression of hypothyroidism.”

Dr Stunning said the ring could be a good idea for those who are not currently exercising.

“You might be wearing the ring because you’re not exercising enough, or you’re wearing the belt or you might wear it for other reasons,” she said.

Dr Stinning said the study found that people who had worn the ring in conjunction of other activities reduced their risk by 27 per cent.

“People who were exercising were in a better position than people who were not, and it seems to be a protective effect,” Dr Stringson said.