What is the buzz word in the US fashion industry?

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like the fashion industry was heading towards another peak, with the sales of the top-selling brand on the runway being the biggest ever in history.

But this was before a spate of events that have seen the fashion world turn a corner. 

What happened?

The most important event for fashion has been the launch of the US version of the iconic Mickey Mouse brand, which was launched in March and has already taken the world by storm. 

The trend has continued this year with some of the biggest fashion launches in history, including the arrival of the new T-shirt from designer LVMH, and a number of fashion houses taking to social media to announce their intentions to be a part of the launch.

While some of these are huge success stories for brands, the reality is that it takes a few more years for the trends to take hold and take off.

This is why brands need to plan for their long-term success, with brands that have been around for a long time need to keep investing and keep pushing forward. 

But is this trend the end of the road for the fashion scene?

Is it just another blip, or is it the beginning of a new era? 

If the answer is yes, then you can count me in.