The new version of the Fabergé eggs can be cooked to perfection

I’ve been eating them since they were first discovered in the 1960s.

When I first started eating them in 2010, I was horrified by the taste.

It tasted like a piece of plastic, it was too salty and it didn’t have a texture.

I tried it again and again, and each time, it seemed better.

The eggs didn’t stick to my skin or taste like cardboard, and they didn’t go stale, either.

Then one day, while my boyfriend and I were cooking some chicken, I got a little excited.

“It looks so good,” I thought, and I started adding more eggs to my meals.

The result?

A deliciously rich egg custard that would be perfect for a classic breakfast. 

 Now, a couple of years later, the Fabergé brand is back, with a new and improved version.

They’re calling it the Faberkarte Gelatine (the gelato in their name), and it’s made from a special blend of ingredients, including a super-healthy blend of berries, cocoa, olive oil, and vitamin E. You can try it out right now at the Fabergé store in San Francisco.

And if you’re not hungry for the original, you can try the new version at 

And if you haven’t already, grab a cup of joe and get ready to experience a whole new world of breakfast goodness.