The Best Thing That Has Happened To My Hairline Is Now My Clothes

I’ve been wearing a wig for the past six months and I’ve had a lot of trouble with my hair.

“My hair is super long, so it’s really hard to get it down.

I also have a tendency to have a bad reaction to makeup,” says 19-year-old Kaya Kiley, who is currently in the middle of her sophomore year of college.

“The makeup is definitely distracting, and it’s also not a great hair color.”

Kiley says her hair has grown out to the point where she is looking like a total wannabe.

“I do feel like I’m trying too hard to look like an actress, but it’s a struggle,” she adds.

“It makes me feel like an actor, but I have to look that way to be successful.”

In her quest to become an actress Kiley recently signed up for a casting call to be a stunt double for a movie.

“We have to make sure that we are able to portray this character with this wig,” says Kiley.

“And I feel like this wig is definitely one of the most effective tools that I can use in this role.”

For Kiley’s part, she’s determined to not only make a name for herself as a stuntwoman, but also prove that she’s worth being considered for a role in the future.

“At the end of the day, if I am cast, I want to be able to look my best, and that means a lot,” Kiley explains.

“But if I can make the role that I’m capable of doing, I am confident in that.

And I am determined to try and prove that I am worthy of that role.”