New suede-fabric suede sneakers hit the market in 2018

New suedebox suede shoes hit the shelves in 2018, but the new model is made entirely from recycled material.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Adidas said the new shoes were designed to replace the company’s old, discontinued models. 

The Adidas Ultra Boost, the first new model of the brand’s line, retails for $350 and features suede outsole and suede upper. 

Suede-filled sneakers are already popular for their comfort and fit, and the new Adidas UltraBoost is more comfortable than ever. 

At the moment, Adidas has five new models in the Ultra Boost line, but Adidas has been testing and tweaking new designs over the past few years. 

In 2017, Adidas introduced the UltraSole, which was designed for people with a tight or loose fit.

It features a polyester shell that is covered in mesh. 

A new model, the UltraBoost II, was launched last year, and features a more cushioned outer shell that has a rubber sole.