I spent over a week at a Christmas party

A little over a month ago, I started my new job as an associate editor at The Verge, a tech publication whose staff has a few thousand members.

This was a bit of a whirlwind, so let’s go over the day-to-day.

It was a very pleasant day at the office, because I got to work with the editors who are mostly on holiday and/or vacation.

It felt like an all-day-long event.

And then there was this new digital content initiative, called Christmas Fabric.

As an associate, I was given the task of making Christmas decorations for all the offices in the building, and I made the following: 1.

A beautiful Christmas card from my favorite holiday song, “Holly Jolly Christmas.”


A Christmas-themed poster that I think I could get behind.


A festive ornament from a nearby park.


A custom Christmas tree ornament.


A special Christmas card to myself.


A large handmade Santa hat.


A giant card that said “I love you.”


A cute little toy Santa with his arms around a toy bear.


A card from a family member, saying, “I want you to make this card.”


A handmade Christmas tree that says “Santa is Coming.”


A bunch of Christmas decorations and a personalized Christmas tree with a tree on it. 12.

A gift for the office manager, a personalized Santa hat, and a handmade Santa sweater.


And so on and so forth.

I was happy to have my desk filled with these gifts.

I even made a special “holiday card” for the CEO and the VP of product, so I could write to them with a special note to them.

It’s been so fun.

I’ll probably do it every year or so.

Christmas Fabric is a brand new initiative to support new businesses in the digital space, like this one.

As a new member of the staff, I’m now tasked with making Christmas-inspired Christmas cards for each of the offices.

These gifts are a great way to say thank you to the owners of the businesses you work with, and they can help get you excited about the holiday season, too.

I had a blast making the cards, but the fun part is that I’ve got to be creative with them too.

The cards come with a little Christmas story, a note, and some cute decorations.

So far, my favorite story is the one about the trees, which are made of Christmas-specific materials and colors.

I love that the company is making these, too, because they’re so cute and colorful and they’ll help you remember that your favorite holiday season has arrived.

The Christmas cards will be available for a limited time, but I have to say that it was a great surprise to see the company make these cards for me!

I’ve had a great time making the card.

I hope they sell well and make the rounds on Pinterest, too!

And yes, you can buy them at the store.

As for the holiday cards, I had one that was handmade and had a note on it that said, “Christmas is here.”

It was an easy way to start the holiday and it ended up being one of my favorite cards.

The note was written by the VP and I thought it was great.

It said, I love you and hope you’ve had an amazing holiday season.

I also love the Christmas tree and the card that says, “Santa will be back.”

This is the first Christmas card I’ve made for myself and I think it’s a good reminder that it’s possible to enjoy Christmas in a way that’s thoughtful, creative, and festive.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate the season and bring some positive change into your life.

And if you like what you see here, please consider donating to the company to support their holiday efforts.

Happy holidays, everyone.