How to Make Your Own Fabrics for Your Own Free Spirit Collection

Free spirit fabric is a versatile fabric made with natural fibers that is a great option for fabrics you can use in a range of projects. 

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a variety of different fabrics for your Free Spirit collection. 

If you’ve never made your own fabric before, you can make your own with an online fabric kit. 

Once you have the fabric, you’ll need to wash it, then lay it out in the fabric swatches. 

After you have your fabric, lay it flat on a table to dry, and cut it to fit the size you’re using. 

Free spirit fabrics can be made with many different colors and fabrics, and the fabric can be changed up a few times before you get the perfect fit. 

Here are some ideas for how to work out the details on your fabric: The Free Spirit Fabrics in the Video These fabrics have a vibrant red that matches your designs, and they are incredibly versatile. 

You can also make them with more of a pink, blue, or brown color. 

 The fabrics are great for making dresses and coats, as well as dresses, pants, and jackets. 

When making a dress, this fabric has a very soft texture that makes it ideal for creating a strapless silhouette. 

These colors are also great for creating skirts and skirts. 

Fabric Colors of the Day A great way to experiment with fabric colors is with fabric swatch kits. 

They come in a variety, and some of the more popular ones are: Cotton: This fabric is great for adding a bit of extra sparkle to your designs. 

Mimosa: A bright, colorful fabric that adds a little warmth to your projects.

Silk: A soft fabric that gives a beautiful, subtle look to your clothing. 

Black: A darker, more subtle fabric that looks great in neutral colors. 

Lilac: A very subtle, but gorgeous fabric that creates a stunning effect. 

Satin: A beautiful, warm, and slightly shimmering fabric that can look great on any outfit. 

Pink: A color that can make a great statement piece or dress. 

Pale Green: A gorgeous green fabric that is great to wear for summer. 

A very simple way to make your fabric colors can be to use a fabric swatcher. 

Swatches The first step to making a fabric is to have your fabrics measured and then cut. 

For this tutorial we’re going to do a basic swatch. 

First, we’re just going to use the size of our fabric to cut out a small rectangle, then we’ll measure it to get a gauge. 

Next, we want to determine the width of the swatch and then make a cut to fit.

 Once you’ve determined the swatches width, you will then need to lay your fabric out to measure and cut. 

 This step is optional, but you can also cut the fabric to fit by taking the width, then using a fabric scissors to cut a small slit. 

This is a quick and easy way to measure the width and cut the swatching to the correct size. 

To make the swatcher, cut the slit to the width you want your fabric to be, then draw the swiping slit in and out to create the swisher. 

Cut the fabric from the swasher and lay it on the table. 

Measure the widths of the fabrics on the fabric. 

We’ll need the swishing slit, then measure the swiss measurement. 

Now, measure the length of your fabric.

You can use a ruler to measure this length, then use the fabric scissors on the swish to cut the length. 

The swish length is the measurement between the two measurements, then cut to the right length.

Now cut the size that you want to make the fabric in the switcher. 

Make sure you get both the length and width measurements on both of these measurements. 

Take the measurement you just made, then mark where you want the swifter length on the opposite side of the fabric and cut accordingly. 

Use the fabric cutter to cut both ends of the length you just measured, then fold the fabric into a square shape. 

Then, mark the exact length you want on both the sides of the square. 

Stitch the two pieces together. 

Repeat for the other side of your swisher and make the stitch on both sides of it. 

Your finished swisher should have the following characteristics: Length: 10 inches Width: 5 inches Sewn Length: 1 inch Stitches: 8 stitches  The free spirit fabric swisher is great when making a number of different designs.

It also makes a great addition to your sewing kit.

Fabric swatch kit for fabric swatched in pink You’ll need: Fab