How to Make Tie Dye Fabric in 5 Easy Steps

Dye fabric is a great fabric for making ties, but it can also be used to make fabric for other things.

If you’ve never made any ties before, this article will give you a foundation for starting.

Here are the 5 steps that you need to follow to make your first tie dye fabric:1.

Find a fabric store.

There are many tie dye stores, but if you’re new to the industry, you may be tempted to visit one of the major online retailers, such as Nordstrom or H&M.

If that’s not an option, try one of your favorite online stores, such to Amazon.

The quality of the fabrics in these stores varies, so be sure to get quality fabrics.2.

Measure the fabric.

If the fabric is about 1/4-inch wide, measure it out.


Dye it.

Choose a color, a pattern, or even a pattern of beads.

(You can find a great tutorial for making tie dye in the video below.)

Make a few changes and add beads, and you’re done!4.


Cut the fabric into strips, using a wide cutter.5.

Wrap the fabric around a knot, making sure you keep the knot close to the knot.

Tie your fabric in place, and it should look something like this:6.

Fabric the tie.

Using your sewing machine, sew the fabric to the fabric in the first place.

Sew on your desired patterns.

Repeat until you’re happy with the results.7.

Label and Label your fabric.

You can label your fabric with a label like this one from Jil Sander:This label is great for showing where you got the fabric, and a photo of your fabric will help others find you on Pinterest.8.


The finished product is a solid, silky, bright red fabric.

This is the color of your tie dye, and is ideal for tying.

Make your own.

The instructions are very simple, but the process is pretty straightforward, too.

For more information on how to make tie dye fabrics, check out the video on how I make tie dyes.

If your interest is in tie dyeing, you should check out my guide on how you can make your own tie dye.