How to get your own batik: How to wear a batik with fabric and other accessories

Google News Now (Australia): How to make your own batsik fabric article Batik fabric can be made with the following methods: 1.

Fabric: buy one of the many batik fabrics, like batik kimono or batik scarf.

It will stretch and become the fabric of your choice.


Crochet: buy a few of these and make a fabric pattern out of it.

You will need to do a few stitches to make a shape that will look good on the fabric.


Fabric cutter: cut the fabric into two equal pieces and stitch together.


Sewing machine: use a sewing machine to sew together a single stitch.


Fabric scissors: make two pieces of fabric, cut them into pieces and sew them together.


Sew the second piece of fabric to the first piece, and sew the first to the second.

The second piece is cut in two, and sewn together.


Cut a piece of yarn, sew the two pieces together and make one long piece of string.


Sew that to the end of the string, making sure to keep all of the ends together.

The ends are sewn to the ends of the fabric piece, making it look like the two ends of a batisk.


Pull the yarn and make the bow.


Sew a bow to the top of the batik, and tie the ends tightly together.


Fold the ends so the bow looks like a bati.


Sew your batik into your costume, and the fabric is ready for you to wear!

(Thanks to The New York Times, who picked this up.)