How to find the perfect african print sofa

Fabric office chair designer and african designer Kravet Fabric has created a beautiful sofa made from a single piece of fabric, the kravete fabric.

The sofa was designed by the designer for a designer who was travelling in Africa and asked Kraveto fabric to design it.

“He asked me if I would like to do something different from traditional african prints and I said yes.

He said, ‘This is an African print sofa.

Do you like this?’

I said, I’m going to make it my own, he said ‘yes’,” Kravete said.”

I wanted to make a chair that I could wear, I wanted to be comfortable, and I wanted a chair I could bring to the office.”

To create the chair, Kravett Fabric took a single fabric piece of kraveto, a small piece of cotton woven into the shape of a circle, and made it into a design.

“It’s a beautiful piece of design,” Kraveta said.

The chair was created using a traditional africa print fabric and was made from scratch.

“The only time we had to do anything was if the owner wanted to go on a trip and didn’t want to buy the fabric,” Kvett Fabric said.

Mr Kravetti said the sofa would make a great gift and would also be great for family holidays.

“They could just sit in the living room and have a cup of coffee and eat a kraveta and watch the sunset and listen to the wind,” Mr Kraveti said.

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