Fashion’s hottest brands are embracing the trend for high-quality fabrics

FEBRUARY 07, 2019 — Fashion’s most coveted fabrics are turning heads, and designers are embracing them.

In a new trend called “Vogue Fabric,” designers are using high-grade fabrics to create clothing for celebrities, celebrities-only events and the latest fashion trends.

The trend has hit a nerve with the fashion industry, with some designers and designers’ companies saying they are turning to the high-tech fabric to help them with their collections.

“We’re seeing a lot of really high-end fabrics being used in high-fashion collections,” said Nicole Tully, a designer with Dior, which is part of the Versace family.

“I can’t say enough about the Vogue fabrics.

It’s really stunning.

It is the most gorgeous fabric.”

Dior, for instance, has embraced Vogue Fabric with the help of a custom-made fabric called Vogue Plus that was created specifically for the brand.

Dior’s designers and product designers have been working with a new Vogue fabric for more than a year, according to a statement from the company.

It is the same Vogue which is used for high fashion, including Chanel and Calvin Klein, Tully said.

And it is the high quality Vogue that the company uses to make the fabrics, which are used for all its high-level collections.

The high-performance fabric is designed with the goal of improving the durability and elasticity of fabrics, TULL said.

Dress shirts are designed to have a softer and more comfortable feel, she said.

It makes them easier to wash and dry, while providing more warmth.

The designers said the Vogues are used by celebrities, fashion-industry celebrities and celebrities- only events.

“They have been used for events like runway shows and celebrity-only dinners and for celebrity interviews,” she said of the fabrics.

“The Vogue is the fabric of choice for celebs, celebrity guests and celebs-only guests.”

The Vogue fabrics are manufactured in a factory in Lyon, France, and then sent to the designer and designers for manufacturing, according the statement.

Tully said that the designer who created the VOGUE fabric has been doing so for about five years.

When asked about the impact of the trend on fashion, Tull said, “We are definitely seeing a big impact.”

In a statement, Versace said it has worked closely with Dépêche Dans la Vogue and Dior.

Versace has collaborated with Vogue to design and produce its exclusive high-precision VOGUES, which have been designed with a more advanced process.

Versace also created the fabric, which has been specially tested for its high quality and elastic properties.

The fabrics are used on a wide range of garments, including dresses, dresses with lace trim, dress shoes and skirts, dresses, pants and shirts.

Versace also used its exclusive VOGues for the Paris Fashion Week and the Fashion Week Paris shows in 2019.

Désirees d’Artisan, a French apparel company, also used VOGUES to create some of its own high-speed fabrics.

Desirees D’Artisans, a Paris-based design studio, used high-density VOGUs for a variety of projects, including some pieces for fashion houses like Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana.