Fabric: The secret ingredient that will make your clothes smell better, too

A new line of fabric spray that uses hemp fiber as an adhesive and also uses a gel-like substance to protect it from harsh chemicals has been approved by the European Union.

The EU has given approval for a fabric spray designed to help protect clothing against chemical burns and environmental degradation, according to the news agency Euronews.

The European Commission said the new fabric spray, called Efficient Fabric, uses a synthetic blend of hemp and natural oils that are more resilient to water and sunlight.

The spray is a joint effort between Efficient Fabrics, a leading European fabric and apparel manufacturer, and the French company Agence Comédieu du Chemin, the news service reported.

The fabric spray was developed by the two companies with a combined budget of around €1.3 billion.

The agency said it was hoped the spray would be used by a lot of people around the world.

The product will be available on the European Commission’s website by December.