Exclusive: ‘Dirty’ Fabric From Gucci Fits the bill, but it is still not for sale

When Gucci released its first line of designer denim, it came with a special feature that could be used to conceal a dark stain.

Gucci’s velvet fabric was designed to look like velvet, and was one of the first brands to go the fashion route with its velvet fabric.

However, in recent years, many designers have started incorporating this feature into their fabrics, and some even went as far as incorporating it into their designs themselves.

According to the company’s website, velvet fabric is “used in many industries around the world to create luxurious, comfortable and fashionable garments.”

Gucci said that its velvet was originally designed to “fit the bill,” but that it was discontinued in 2013.

The fabric was made of minky fabric and, according to the brand, it is also used to “enrich the body and provide a comfortable and luxurious look.”

But as time went on, velvet fabrics started to show up in more mainstream designer jeans.

According the company, velvet is also popular for “fashion-forward looks, such as high-rise pants and sporty shoes, with a sleek design.”

According to a Gucci spokesperson, the company has no plans to reintroduce velvet as a feature on its jeans.

As for the company in regards to its velvet, the brand said that the velvet is still “not for sale” and that its silk fabric is still available for sale.

As of yet, the Gucci velvet fabric still isn’t available for purchase on its website, and the company doesn’t offer a retail price for velvet fabric at the time of publication. 

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