Batman: The Batman – An animated version of the animated film by George Miller?

Posted by John Denton on September 15, 2018 12:47:17 If you thought the latest Batman animated film was a bit of a mess, well, you’d be wrong.

Batman: An Animated Version of the Batman is actually pretty good, with a lot of humour and some genuinely funny moments, and it does take a bit longer than the previous animated films.

But, for a film that is almost 20 years old, it does hold up well.

It’s a little less dated than the other animated Batman films, but still manages to deliver some genuinely good humour.

It is not without its flaws, though.

The story is fairly straightforward, with Batman fighting a group of villains in a big battle, but the ending is rather anticlimactic.

It has a few laughs, but mostly it just ends up being one long, cliche “happy ending”.

The animation does not always work for me.

The film is sometimes quite slow, sometimes sometimes very, very fast, and sometimes sometimes it just doesn’t work.

I was particularly annoyed by the sequence where Batman is chased by a pack of wild wolves.

The wolves have a tendency to chase the heroes, and they do a really good job of it, but in this instance the wolves seemed to have no problem following Batman.

As I said, it was a minor gripe.

The most enjoyable parts of the film, though, are the sequences where Batman’s sidekick Robin gets lost, and his girlfriend Catwoman is attacked by a gang of monsters.

These are really fun sequences, with plenty of funny dialogue, and the ending, which is the most heartwarming, feels fitting.

And while the film does sometimes take a while to get going, the humour is always there, and some of the jokes make sense.

For instance, one of the more amusing moments is when Batman talks about the need for heroes to have a strong sense of duty, and he points out that there are a lot more heroes than villains.

This is a good point, and a good way of telling a story.

I also appreciated the fact that Batman doesn’t really go to Gotham City at all, instead taking a boat to Gotham, which has the added benefit of making it easier for the audience to follow.

Another point I appreciated was that there is a scene where Batman and Robin try to save Catwoman from an attack by the monsters, which was funny, because it is not at all the sort of scene you usually see in a film about superheroes.

Batman and Catwoman get into a battle with a pack on the river, and Batman uses his batarang to break up the attack, only to have the monsters return.

They attack again, and Catman has to flee, and that was one of my favourite scenes in the film.

And there was one scene where I really enjoyed seeing the final battle between Batman and Batwoman.

While the fight was not quite as dramatic as it was in the animated films, it is a well-written fight and is a fun one.

And the film has a lot to say about the importance of having a strong moral compass.

While Batman: Batman: Dark Knight Returns was a pretty enjoyable film, it still wasn’t as funny as some of its earlier animated films did.

There are moments where the humour feels a little dated, and there is definitely more of an emphasis on the action and action-comedy elements in Batman: Another Year in Gotham City.

But the film still manages a good enough story, and delivers a good, enjoyable ending.

And I am quite impressed with the sound design, which I really liked in Batman and the Brave and the Bold.

The sound effects in the movie were also really good.

The soundtrack was great, too.

If you haven’t seen Batman: Animated Version yet, it’s worth a look.

It should be released on Blu-ray in Australia on October 1.

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