Australian wedding dress designer gets a patent for sequin fabric

Australian wedding dresses designer Jennifer Molloy is getting a patent to develop her own sequin material.

Ms Molloys new sequin is made from synthetic materials that were developed for use in the fashion industry.

The design of the new material is based on the chemical structure of the protein sequin, which is a protein made up of three hydrogen atoms and a carbon atom.

It is very flexible and has been used to make flexible fabric, but Ms Mollos new material has properties that are more suited to fabric.

She said it was the perfect material for fabric for the wedding dress industry.

“It has a very strong, strong structure,” she said.

“We can take a flexible material and make it very strong and very durable.

It’s very hard to rip it off.”

So, the first step to get something made is to develop the structure of this protein.

“And then it’s got a very long time to live.”

Ms Molls sequin has been shown to be highly durable and has proven to be more flexible than traditional fabrics.

She hopes the new sequins design will allow her to expand her line of wedding dresses.

“I would like to use sequin for more things in the future,” she told

“For the next 10 years, I’m looking to make more and more sequins.”

She has already begun the process of developing her sequin and is working with suppliers to develop an alternative.