A ‘crypton’ fabric that looks like a field of flowers with the right colors and texture is making a comeback in fashion

When I was in high school, I loved to wear my high school uniforms with the field of blooms in the fabric.

I even got to wear a jersey that had the field in the front.

The field is also a part of my fandom, so I wanted to get back to the roots and bring back the style of the old jerseys. 

In 2015, I decided to make a fabric with the same field pattern.

This fabric is called crypton, and it looks really good on me. 

The design is inspired by the flower motif in the old Japanese manga. 

There are two ways to create a fabric like this.

The first is to make the pattern of the fabric into the fabric itself, which is what I did with the jersey fabric. 

For this method, you can use your favorite embroidery machine or a laser printer. 

You can print the fabric on any fabric that is about 2mm wide and 3mm high. 

Then, you cut out the pattern onto the fabric, then add the fabric pieces. 

This method gives you more flexibility in how you cut your fabric.

It is also much more time-consuming, but it’s not as difficult as the laser printing method. 

Here are the directions on how to print a fabric onto a fabric, which I found easy enough. 

Cut out the fabric pattern onto your fabric, making sure to cut the top and bottom pieces.

Cut the sides and top of the pattern into the same size pieces.

Sew the fabric onto your printout paper and fold the top piece of the paper over.

Cut out the sides, bottom, and top piece to the size you want your printouts to be. 

Sew the fabric to your fabric pieces, making a triangle.

Sew all the edges together, making two triangles. 

 Then attach the fabric triangles to your print out paper and tie the ends off. 

Take the fabric and sew the triangle together, taking care to keep the edges straight. 

After you’ve sewed the triangle, attach the triangles together with elastic band. 

I made mine using my scissors and a seam allowance. 

Put your printed fabric on a flat surface, and use the seam allowance to pin the edges and triangles together. 

And here are the finished pieces! 

I also made a pair of boots, which are my favorite. 

First, I sewed a zipper and then added the front zipper. 

Next, I used the elastic band and added the lining. 

Finally, I tied the boots together with the zipper and lining.

They look great! 

The fabric will last for about three years, but I hope to be able to do more prints and add more pieces to the pattern. 

All in all, this pattern is simple and fun. 

Thanks for reading, Kaitlyn!