A big-name fabric maker could be a boon to the CFL season

There’s been a lot of buzz around the CFL this off-season, and the big names in the sport have been busy.

Some of those big names have been on the cover of major publications, and now that the league is taking the gloves off, they’re looking to the future.

As the league moves forward, it’s clear that the fabric industry is the perfect fit for the league.

While the CFL is not the biggest league in the world, it certainly has its own cachet.

So it’s no surprise that the CFL and the apparel and accessories industry are in talks to start a fabric business together.

“There is an opportunity,” said Kevin Cramer, president of the Canadian Fabrics Association.

“Fabric is a big market.

It’s the number one market in Canada and the number two in the U.S..”

Cramer says there are other industries that have found success in the CFL.

The NFL is a great example, as the NFL has produced its own line of apparel and has had success in its own right.

In the CFL, the league has had a huge success in producing apparel and that has helped it stand out from the competition.

“The Canadian flag is one of the big trends of the CFL,” Cramer said.

“We’re very excited about that, and we think the Canadian flag has really taken off in recent years.”

What the CFL has produced, however, has been a bit of a mystery.

Cramer wouldn’t say what the CFL would be producing, but he did say the league will be “doing some big-ticket, marquee events.”

That’s a reference to games, which could include the Grey Cup, the Grey Cups, and perhaps even a Grey Cup rematch with the Stampeders.

Cramers is hopeful that a major event, like a Grey.

He said there will be a lot more focus on the league’s CFL season, including events like the Grey cup, as well as the CFL’s national championships.

“If you look at the big events, we have our national championship games, the national semifinal games, and all those events,” Cramer said.

Cargill and the CFL are also working to get the CFL apparel and products into stores.

While Cramer didn’t say when that might be, it sounds like it might be sometime this fall.

Caren Hughes, executive director of the Canada-based company, told The Globe and Mail that the company is in talks with stores and retailers, including retailers in the Canadian market.

Hughes said that Cargills apparel and footwear will be available for the fall.

“There will be products in stores this fall,” she said.

Hughes also said that the brand has a long history in the league, having been founded in 2005 and is one the CFL brands that has been involved with the game.

Crams apparel and shoes are available at several stores in Canada, and Cargil and Cramster have partnered with local brands to bring the brand to the United States.

Hughes told The Canadian Press that Cams apparel and shoe sales in Canada are expected to exceed Cargin’s sales in the United Kingdom.